Our Treats Take the Ice Cream Cake

Get delicious ice cream cakes and other treats at our store

Smylie's Ice Cream Shop offers more than just delicious homemade ice cream. Find just about any sweet treat you need at our shop. We'll make your life just a little sweeter.

Happiness is never out of reach with a slice of decadent ice cream cake or a freshly baked cookie with ice cream on top. Visit us today to treat yourself to something amazing.

We have all kinds of treats at our shop

What are you craving? You can find just about any dessert at our shop. Some of our customers' favorites include...

  • Decadent ice cream cakes with custom flavors and toppings
  • Ice Cream cupcakes piled high with sweet, tasty frosting
  • Ice Cream cookies made from scratch
  • Ice Cream pies with delicious crusts

You can even put cold ice cream on top of a golden, warm waffle. Whether you need to purchase a ice cream cake for a big celebration or want a pick-me-up after a long, stressful day, you can get whatever dessert you need at our shop.